Jerry Cates (1984 – 2008)
June 20, 1984
Watson-Brown Foundation (2008 – Present)
December 20, 2008

Southern Center for International Studies

During the Southern Center occupancy, paint analysis was done on the first floor and the original paint schemes were returned. The exterior trim of the house was chemically stripped to the substrate and repainted. To accommodate a zoning change from single family to institutional, the Southern Center built a gravel surface parking lot on the west side of the property. Two fire escape stairways were built from the rear second story of the house. The west stairway used an extant doorway; the east required the modification of a window. Two upstairs closets had also been removed. The original slate roof of the primary structure was replaced with one of composite tile.

Over the years the serpentine garden fell into a state of decline. All its original plant material died. The serpentine wall at the west elevation partially collapsed.